make up equipment

I decided to show you my make up equipment.
I often use the most of these products.
But please notice I don't numbered them in the order I use them.

1. Eyelashes: Diamond Lash & Rich Eyelash (present from a purikura machine. Haha.)
2. Cute eyelash case
3. Eyelashes fixer (clear)
4. Circle lenses in purple and blue
5. Rohto Lycée for dry eyes especially when you often use circle lenses. It refreshed your eyes.
6. Blush from Kiko #02 Celebrity Rose
7. Powder & blush brush from essence
8. Soft compact powder from Kiko #01
9. Nail polish from Kiko: color #341 (left one) #244 (right one)
10. Foundation from Kiko #A3
11. Eyelash curler
12. Waterproof mascara from Kiko in black
13. Eyeliner pencil from essence in black
14. Gel eyeliner from Maybelline  #01 Black with eyeliner pencil
15. Candy Doll lip gloss

So these are my favourite products.
As you can see I like Kiko make up.
And the Diamond Lashes are the best I ever tried !!

Some friends often ask me why my make up hold so long and is after 10 hours still perfect like after applying.
So my tips are: 1.At first use a foundation then the compact powder this is the best basis. 2. For long lasting eyeliner use at first a eyeliner pencil and after this use a gel eyeliner or liquid eyeliner. This are the best way for long fun with your cute face.

Do you have some favourite make up products?

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