About me

Name: Kei (桂衣)
Age: 22
Birthdate: 07-25
Place: Germany

Like: books, japan, dogs, eating, cute things, tokyo, cats, reading, japanese language, sunny days, partys, fluffy clouds on the sky, shopping

Hate: bad hair days, liars, rainy days, sundays, boredom

Languages: German, English & basic Japanese

Facts: was two times in japan, is addicted to the japanese band called 己龍 (Kiryu), 

Favourite color: rose, turquoise, blue, purple
Favourite brand: super lovers, monomania, h&m, kiko (make up brand)
Favourite style: Uhm I think I don't have a favourite style. Kinda cute and girly but sometimes I like comfortable styles.

Any more questions? So tell me. I'll answer you. 

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