I wanna try some products from LUSH. At first I bought this shampoo called DADDY O. It's for blonde hair but not only! This shampoo smells like roses and violet (flowers). The color is purple (or you can say violet like the violet flower). And this'll make your hair shiny.

I don't use it yet but when the time comes for washing my hair I'll use it and make an after using review.

And this I got for free. REHAB shampoo tester. This is for dry and damaged hair. Looks like honey and smells like peppermint. Inside are peppermint oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, kiwi juice and papaya juice.

When this shampoo is good for my hair (I have very dry and damaged hair .... haha) then I'll buy It.

I also wanna try the solid shampoo. It's a bit strange because you all know that shampoo is liquid but this is solid like soap.

I love LUSH because they're against animal testing!!

For christmas they have so much gift boxes with products ... HAHA now you know what the most of my friends and family will get. (^__^)/

See ya next time.

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