Long time no see. 
Sorry but since monday I'm working again and first week is kinda stressfully. Haha.
But it is ok. 
On monday evening I ordered two pairs of circle lenses and finally palty hair dye. When I was in Japan I wanted to test this color but I don't tried it in the two weeks. So now I wanna test it. I'm curious if this color works on my hair. But for first I have to wait till I get the color. I don't really know how long I have to wait for my hair dye. Hopefully I get it soon.
And my circle lenses are shipped since tuesday but I picked the slow shipping method so I have to wait 14-25 days. 
But I don't wanna wait anymore. However the fast shipping method was to expensive for me. I have to save money. 
When I get my orders I'll show you and make reviews. So please wait. 

See you.

Btw. one month left till christmas eve. 

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