136 days left till japan holidays. I'm very happy that the time passes so fast. Next week my new work starts. I'm also happy about that. Then the time will flies and we have april. Haha. Okay that is a little bit to fast but now we had autumn. Outside it's getting colder and colder .... in the early evening the cities are more and more with full of lights. The pre-Christmas season starts soon. But most of the shops and supermarkets already sell Christmas decorations and sweets (since august =__=" I really saw the first decoration things in august this year. I dunno why they wanna sell it every year earlier and earlier. One day you can find it the whole year in the shops xD). But I still really like the pre-Christmas season. I like the lighted windows and cities and everything. And sweeeeeeeets. Haha. And candle light !! And the air who smells like cinnamon and gingerbread. And ...  Okay I'll stop to talk about this stupid nonsense.

Do you love or hate the pre-Christmas season?

Take care!

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