I need some new make up products so I bought them today. My old ones are not empty but in the next some days or 2 weeks I need new ones so I bought them now. The cities are so crowded at the moment because of christmas time that I don't want to go that often there.

Today I also went to Primark. I really hate to go there on saturday. It's way to full for me but on the other days I had no time for shopping there. But next time in Essen will open a new shop from Primark. I'm working in Essen but I think the first time It is better not to go to this shop. Everyone will go there and I hate shopping with stress. I'll wait when the hype is over in Essen.

I bought this earrings there. I think for 3€ is this ok.

I also bought new socks. Two x 3 pairs. And one pair of knee socks.
Then I bought a sleeping pants and a pyjama. And last but not least a long pullover.

So now I'm poor. 
Yesterday I got my money from work and bought all christmas gifts. So now for dezember I had everything (but no money xD). The rest of my money is for my japan holiday next year.

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