weird idea !? huh!?

I have a weird idea.
I thought about to open a gal circle but ... why !?
I think I wanna try this out but my question is who will join my circle ??

When no one wanna join ... it is nonsense to open a circle like this:


This circle is nice. I know the people and I think I wanna have my own.
But maybe this is impossible for me to have a nice circle with cute gals.

But when you would to join let me know this!

I'm also searching for a co-leader. This means I don't wanna manage this circle by myself I need a person who helps me sometimes. So I hope someone will join or help me to manage my idea.
But when no one will join it is okay ... its only a weird idea from me. HAHA

I'm not sad when this idea doesn't work.

What we can do in this circle:
having fun
make circle meetings
with many pictures
and put various styles of gals in a group to say hallo to the world :D
there are many other things we can do ...

Ah, I also wanna tell you that I'm planning a free giveaway next year in april.
Why so late ? Because I don't have much followers here on my blogger so I'll wait for more. And I'll make this giveaway from things I'll buy in japan in april when I'm there. So please be prepared ...

Take care.


  1. Oh Kei, ich hab mir heute genau das Gleiche gedacht x3

    zwei Dumme, ein Gedanke *umpoke*