Palty hair dye.

Finally I have time for this. Well, here is my review of the palty hair dye. 
Color: Milk Tea Brown.
I bought this color on ebay. Two packages for my long hair. 
On the left you can see what is contained in one package. 

On the right how the result can be.

 The application is very easy I think.
Just like every hair dye. You have to put 1 into 2 and schake it for 15 seconds. 
Then you can start to apply the color on your hair.
Use the plastic gloves !!
After 20 minutes you can wash your hair und use the color protecting conditioner. 
Then you're finished. Very easy I think.

I really love the result on my hair. 
I think I'll use this color again next time. 

 So thats it for today.
Next review is about my new circle lenses I got last friday. 
On my "after" picture I wear one of them but review comes later.

Today is the 6th of dezember.
So I wish everyone a happy St. Nicholas Day !!

And a very good friend of me: HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
*Sorry have to say it here x)

See you !!

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