Sale shopping

Haha. I have to say I love sale shopping. When you are start early you can find very nice an cheap clothes.... 

So today was the day to do some sale shopping.
Many winter clothes are reduced now. 

So here is what I bought:

Brand: Monki
Normal price 15€
I payed 6€

front side 
back side
 Brand: Monki
Normal price 15€ 
I payed 6€

From Primark
I payed 7€
Not reduced but I think it can't be cheaper.

Brand: Monki
Normal Price 20€
I payed 6€

Slipper socks from Primark.
Also not reduced. 
But 1,50€ is a nice price. 

Brand: H&M
Normal price 49,95€
I payed 25€

I also bought a black top at H&M.
You can see it on the first picture. 
It costs 7,95€.

So thats all I got today.
Happy now. 

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