New hair

Today my new clip in hair extensions arrived.
I was so damn happy.
So here they are.

7 pieces 

I thought they were longer.
My fault.
But no problem I have an idea but I'll tell you later about this.

Looks like plastic hair huh !?
But its all real hair !!

The clips.
They work really good.
I wear them the whole day and they are very comfortable.

As you can see 7 pieces are not that much.
Very few hair.

My other 7 pieces real hair clip extensions pack was bigger.
I dunno why. 
But ok.

I think about to buy another package of this extensions.
Then I will choose the longer ones.
These I've got are 46cm.
The others you can buy are 56cm.

Yes that's not that long. But for me it's enough.

I bought this blonde color.
I was wondering if the color will match with my own hair.
But it looks awesome because as you can see on the pictures there are two blonde colors. One color is really the same as my own. And the other is a little brighter. It looks like I have highlights in my hair.

Here I wear them. 

So thats it.
See you.

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