Last week I ordered some new clip in extensions. 
Because my old ones are in brown and I have not anymore brown hair.

I hope that the color will match with my own hair color. But I think it won't. But nearly.
So when I'm in Japan I can dye them with my hair color I have because last time I used palty hair dye in milk tea brown and you can't find a color like this here in Germany. I could order some hair color as well but I think it's unnecessary because in 6 weeks I'm in Tokyo so I can save the order money when I wait until I'm there.

I also need to dye my hairline but because milk tea brown looks nearly the same as my own real hair color you can't see that much of my hairline. That's really good. 

I'm curious about my new extensions. Don't want to wait hope they arrive this week.

Let's see.

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