Popteen March 2012

Picture is taken from here !

For a long ... long time ago I used this mascara.
I had the one in the top of this scan. 

Really simple to use and makes really nice voluminous lashes.

The one I had was waterpoof!
I chosen this one because I prefer waterpoof mascara.

But now I have another mascara because I like to change my mascara often.
I think I do this because I search for the really best mascara.
Who made really really voluminous lashes. 
And sometimes I buy one I already used because I found nothing new.

And here a tip !! Please when you use your mascara please dip it only one time into the small mascara bottle !! This is really necessary! Because some people dip it for several times and then apply this on their lashes. This is shit. Because dipping so often your mascara will become dry and crumbly because you pump up the air into the mascara. Thats not good !! So dip one time. Apply on your lashes. Dip second time apply on your other lashes. AND for really voluminous lashes repeat this. 

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