Spring is coming

The last days we had pretty nice weather here in germany. 
But now it's weekend and the sun is gone .... (・ε・)

Yesterday's outfit (^ε^)♪
With everyday make-up. Because I wanna save my eyes till I am in Tokyo. Because when I'm there I'll wear them so often (maybe everyday). And my lashes too. So I need to relax my eyes! Don't wanna have swollen eyes there. HAHA.

Yesterday's lunch.

And today I finally got my concert ticket.
I'm so happy ヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ

Because I can see my favorite band 己龍 the first time live. 
That's really special for me. 


  1. du solltest nicht so oft linsen tragen, du hast so schöne augen! <3

    1. Ich seh das anders.
      Mag mit circle lenses nur.
      Ohne muss ich 28368274528734 Fotos machen weil ich immer wie so'n kiffer guck XD
      Und mit is perfekt <3

  2. das outfit ist süß :3