I wanted to do so much things on saturday but I only managed one and a half. 
Bad, but I don't feel the best.
And Saturday was full of stress.
So in the evening when I come home,
I fell into my bed and was sleeping after some minutes.

Anyway also some very nice things happened. 
But nothing special to tell everyone.
Haha. Just important for me.
( ' _ ^*)/

Since yesterday I have a clothes rack in my room.
I wanted this for my clothes for my sytling clothes from Japan. 
My everyday clothes are in a other wardrobe but not in my room because my room is to small for such a big wardrobe. (´_`。)

So now weekend is over. 
Have to go.
Bye bye.

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  1. haha ich hab den selben sweather, der ist richtig toll !