Summer is coming soon!

Because of the nice weather yesterday I went shopping with my mum.
And the sunny summer weather influenced me to buy things for summer.

Yves Rocher (my mum loves to buy things from this brand ^^")
Shower - shampoo
Traditional body oil
Eau de Toilette

Everything of this smells like summer, sun and beach holiday. 
This perfume is really nice. 
I love it so much.

alverde - Bodyspray 
Smells like quince & watermelon
Very fruity.

Kiko #391                            Kiko #376

190 Wrapped Around My Finger
(My first CATRICE nail polish)

p2- Apricot Cuticle Cream
For dry and rough cuticle.

Flowers for the hair from claire's. 
Searched so long for such nice and cute flowers for my hair.

I got three for price of two.

Yesterday when I was shopping with my mum she dragged me to Yves Rocher store where she often buy products. She collects points there and over 3000 points you can choose one product for free. And she had more than 3000 points and wanted to pick up one product but she don't know which one. So I said "choose the most expensive product in this shop" And she chooses ... the 72€ face treatment. HAHA. Crazy.

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