Bla bla bla.

Hey my lovely readers.
And sorry for my blogging absence.

I don't have much to tell ya.
And I still don't know what to write here.

I spent most of my time with playing AION or learning japanese.
And I still have to find a job.
But 2012 isn't the best year for me to find a job ....

But I'll try my best! Because I wanna go to japan next year so I need to get money. Also my life is very boring without a job and money and everything.

I mostly feel unsatisfied. That's a shitty bad feeling.
I wrote about more than hundred of job applictaions .... but nothing happened ... really nothing. Not even a job interview.

Sometimes I fell like a useless person. Useless shit (describes it better). I think I need to be more consequent but it's hard with all this setbacks.

And also with my disease I can't do every job. So it's really hard to find something that is the right for me. I only want to find a job that makes a little bit happy and where I don't need to be afraid because of my disease.

In my home town (and around) there is almost no chance to find a job. Every shop who is possible for me I sent a application. But nothing happened.

I think from now on I try to find a job in that area where my boyfriend lives. Maybe my chance is a little bit better there.

So please wish me the best.

I think in future I won't post that much.
Please understand this. And please wait for me.

I'll definitely come back when my situation is better!
And when I have more to tell you.

See you my sweety peaches.


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  1. Good luck with you job hunting : ) you´re really cute!