Finally I was able to buy new extensions.

My old ones were not so good. They had only 65g of hair. Thats not enough to extend your hair in a good-looking way.

So now I got new ones.
I found a shop who sells them 50% off:


Some facts of my new extensions:

  • 100% human real hair
  • 120g (as you can see now ... more hair than my old ones)
  • 56cm
  • 7 pieces in different sizes
  • #16 Golden Blonde

Color: It was hard to find a hair color which looks similar as my hair. So I choose Golden Blond #16. The other haircolors are to drak or to bright for me.
But when they came and I see them for first time I was a little bit frustrated. They are so yellowish / golden (as the name of the color told but on the picture it doesn't look so yellowish) ... and my hair isn't yellow. They are also one nuance brigther than my own hair. But britghter extensions are better than darker because to dye them darker is easier than to bleach them. But I don't want to dye them!
I washed them with silvershampoo and fortunately the yellow is away. And they are more like my own color only little difference. So tomorrow I'll try them on so lets see how it looks like.
Maybe the difference is not so big and I don't need to dye my own hair. But when the difference is to big I'll dye my hair.

Hair: Really thick and soft. Also after washing they are very soft and easy to brush. The length is nice. They are really 56cm and the ends are also thick. But not that thick as the upper end. So I think they looks really natural.

About Shipping and Payment:
Shipping was really fast. You only can choose the expensive express service.
Payment method: Paypal or credit card.

All pictures are made before I washed them with silvershampoo!!

Tomorrow I'll show you some pictures when I wear them.
I'll also show you the difference after washing them with silvershampoo. 

See ya.

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