Mommy is the best ♥

Today I went a little shopping with my mommy.
Even today we bought not that much.

At "dm" I bought this bb cream from Nivea because this Garnier bb cream is shit. I will use it up because it was so expensive but then I wanna try this one. I hope it is better for my skin. The best bb cream I ever had was from skin79. I don't used it up till today but I search for something similar tike this one from skin79.
I payed 2,95€ for this bb cream from Nivea because I had a coupon about 5€.

My mom bought this tea. White tea with cranberry flavor. It tastes soooo good. I love tea so much in this cold season of the year. My favorite tea is peppermint and fennel tea. But I also like green tea and fruit tea. 
On couch/bed with tea and a good book you can relax in the evening very well.
Dan Wells "Du stirbst zuerst" ... original title "the hollow city" (who the fuck is giving this german title !?)
My mom also bought this book for me. Nice huh.
I read three books from Dan Wells before ... oh my I really love how he writes. So I need to read this too.
I hope it's good.

My mom wanted a new nail polish in brown with some glitter because this normal brown was going on her nerves. So I told her to buy one from flormar because I really love flormar nail polish. They are so long lasting and have so many nice colors. So she bought for herself a brown one with glitter and a red one with glitter. And I got this one. In green.
I love green ♥(ノ´∀`)

I'm soo looking forward to use this polish.

My mom also bought shampoo and conditioner for me. It's from HERCUT and I got it in a set with a hairbrush. We only bought this because it was cheap.
Normal one shampoo costs 9,95 with 250ml.
I got shampoo 125ml + conditioner 125ml + hairbrush.

Halloween is coming soon.
And Halloween is reason why I love fall so much (。・ω・。)ノ♡
I wanna go to a party so badly since years but every year the same ... movie park or sitting lazy at home.
Movie park on halloween is getting boring. Every year the same ...
I wanna dress up like a scary something and party hard.

And last but not least (´ε` )♡
I want that this shitty october is over ... because next month I will make a big order at cd japan.

I will buy all three types of 己龍 8th new single.
And type A of Royz new single "INNOCENCE".
And also some japanese manga of course in japanese.
Can you rekommend me some good ones?
I thought I will buy Black Bird or something like this.
Can you tell me if this manga is written with furigana?!
Oh you don't need to tell. I see it has furigana.
Haha. Yeah, I think I need them because my japanese isn't so good.
But I try to learn so hard as I can. 
You can also rekommend me some other manga if you know some good ones. 
But please no action manga.
Thank you.

Oh hell I'm soooooooooooo badly looking forward to this order from cd japan.
I'll freak out ヾ(゚∀゚ゞ)

Kei (。’▽’。)♡

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