On monday morning I got my CD order. 
So happy know.
3 Type 己龍 -「灯」
and Type A of Royz - INNOCENCE

I got a 己龍 mousepad for free because I bought all 3 types.
And my trading cards - mahiro, 2x takemasa, junji, hiyori and mitsuki.

Royz trading cards - subaru & tomoya.
;_; finally I have no card from kazuki.
So if someone have a kazuki card and wanna change for a koudai card from their 「 α 」single let me know.

On saturday I went shopping with my boyfriend.

Here are some pics

I got a new t-shirt from gina tricot, a blue shining mousepad and a vest from H&M.
That's it.

See ya.


  1. hat er endlich ein mousepad gefunden, ja? XD

    1. Ja und es hat nur 7€ gekostet *.* da haben wir gleich die letzten beiden mit genommen x'D