After Christmas Shopping

For christmas I got some money so I decided to go shopping. 

For first I bought these t-shirts. I thought the print is so cute I have to buy them. And now they are mine. The right one is a little longer so I will wear them with shorts I think. 

klick for better view

So cute huh !?

Okay that was for the dark side in me. Haha. 

I also bought a new keyboard. Only a cheap one because the keyboard who comes with my desktop computer was a shitty old keyboard with big keys. OMG I hate those big keys ... 

And finally I have something for all my jewelry. I'll show you later how it looks when all my jewelry is on it. I bought this at six. 

Some new nailpolish. From left to right. 
p2 020 festive gold 
p2 040 just fantastic! (holo top coat)
p2 010 noble black 

Later we met shiyuu at the city and she gave me this cute rose. It's for bath. But I think I'll never use this because it's to cute. Thank you my cutie ♡

And again a new nailpolish and new gel eyeliner. 
essence 04 get arty
essence gel eyeliner 01 shopping @ portobello road
Both are from the current limited edition. 

A closer look. The gel eyeliner comes with a brush. But I think I'll use my brush. This is to smal. I have a better brush for gel eyeliner. 

I don't know if this color really fits to my eyes. Need to try this and when it looks stupid I'll give this shiyuu. She also bought the same but I know that this color fits to her eyes ; )

At Monki I bought this shirt and a fluffy hoodie. Shiyuu don't liked the print of the hoodie. Haha but I like it. I also bought a new trousers. But I have no picture, It is a dark blue one with a panther print but hard to see this. Haha.

And last but not least I bought there a new purse. I love dots ♡__♡ so I had to buy. Bwahahaha.

Look inside.

And the last thing I bought today are these earrings. 

After shopping we wanted to eat japanese food but the restaurant were closed from the 24th of december till the 6th of january. So sadly. But then we went to the restaurant next to the japanese and ate there. I ordered noodles with chicken and vegetables in cream sauce baked over with cheese. So yummy. 

I think this will be the last entry for this year.

So I hope all of you have a good start into 2013. 

My song of 2012 is: 

Because in april I saw my favourite band 己龍 for the first time live.
And they played this song on this live. 
It was the song from they're new album which came out some weeks later after the concert. 

See you in 2013
Kei ♡

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  1. Auf den Essence Geleyeliner bin ich auch scharf. Hab ihn nur noch nicht entdeckt ;)