Merry Christmas

Last Saturday I went to a party with many nice people. We had so much fun. And we were so drunken. Haha. But It was very good. On top is a picture of me how I looked like on this party. So sad that I don't took anymore pictures. And also sad that I only remember two songs they played there. Haha. 

After the party I slept at Shiyuu's flat. And when I went home it rains.
( like every day)

At the 4th Advent evening I watched the lion king. It's been a long time ago since I saw this movie the last time. 

This year was the first christmas eve I wasn't at home. I spent this day with my boyfriend, his parents and his sister. It was very nice and funny. And I ate so much. Haha.

This was my christmas eve look. Haha I had no time to do my nails on that day. 

I got this games from my boyfriends mom and his sister. 
So happy. I know these are old games but I wanna play them for so looong. 

Next day on the first christmas day I went to my parents with my boyfriend. Now I had some time to do my nails. And we got our christmas presents. And I give them also some presents. 

I got an iPod from my dad. I was so happy. 

And a perfume with a bambi on top. 
So cute.

I also got some money.

Afterwards we ate. OMG I ate so much and later we ate at my boyfriends grandma.
And we got so much sweets and chocolate. I don't know when to eat that all. I think I'll become fat after eating. O_O

Now is the second christmas day. And I do nothing ... only sitting on the sofa and watching TV (Harry Potter). And later I will cook something. 

Hopefully tomorrow we will buy new shelves for our bedroom at ikea. Since I live at my boyfriends home we had no place for all our clothes. So till new year's eve our flat is a construction area. I want that everything in this flat is clean before new year's eve. I also want to go shopping but I don't want to give my money away. Haha. So I think I'll save my money.

Sorry for my bad english 
 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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