Models Own

 Yesterday I got my first models own nail polish from shiyuu. 
From left to right:
Pastel Pink - Ice Cream Sundae
Mixed Up
Southern Lights - Wonderland

First I tried the "Mixed Up" one.
I used a dark color as a base.
But because at the moment I had no black nail polish I used a really dark blue. Then I used the models own "Mixed Up" polish and you can't see the blue base. And I used a clear top coat.
Finish. And I'm so in love.

I was surprised that both colors I used are quickly dry.
But the models own polish stinks D:
But the result is love. 

Yesterday it snowed a bit.

I love snow.
I want meter high snow !!!!!!!!

Take care.

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  1. die models own lacke trocknen immer so schnell, bei mir eben auch! :O aber stinken tun sie echt, ganz schlimm XD