new gets

New bag from new yorker. It was for sale. I searched so long for a new shoulder bag and finally I have one who is not to big but have enough place for all my things. Totally happy. I payed only 12,95€.

And I got a new eyeshadow again. Haha. From the current LE "Siberian call" from Catrice. I saw it and fell in love. This eyeshadow is called 01 Here, Take Your Gear.

And I got a new necklace.

I also bought the last christmas present. So now I can calm down and wait for christmas eve. Hehe.

But before christmas eve can come I have to go to a party on saturday.
I'm looking forward to this party so badly. Haha. 

So today I tried my hairstyle for the party. It's not perfect because only a fast try because I never tried it before. And I don't wanna fail before the party. I hate panic attacks before a party cos my hair looks like shit  and the time is running till time comes to leave. So it's better to test it some days before. 

But I'm not sure if I will do my hair like this. I think it's a little bit boring for a party. Maybe I'll curl my hair. But let's see. I'll decide this on saturday. 

See you

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