And again

Yesterday I went shopping again.
But I don't bought that much. 
Only some things at Primark, dm, Rossmann and Kiko.

I saw this top at aiji's blog and fell in love with it.
So I bought it at Primark even I don't like Primark that much.
For me this is a shop with cheap rubbish clothes because the last thing I bought there was broken after I washed it once. So for me these products are all made of cheap and inferior materials (do you know what I mean !?). But I bought it ... for 5€ is it ok. Or !?

I also bought this at Primark.

And all these socks are also from Primark. I think socks are ok to buy there. Because they are cheap and I need so much socks because I often lose my socks or one of the pair. Haha my washing machine like to eat socks. Muahaha. So I need cheap ones. Don't wanna pay so much money only for socks. And the quality of socks there is ok. 

These are from Kiko.
Holographic nail lacquer
401 Peacock Green
402 Jewel Pink

sad they had no 400 Steel Grey in the shop.

At dm I bought my favorite mascara from Catrice. It's the waterproofed one.
And later when I went to Rossmann I saw this action where you had to buy they're new mascara and you can get one of the old ones for free. So I bought the new one chose my favorite one for free. Haha now I had 3 mascaras but it's ok. Haha.

Eye make up remover pads and Aqua face mask for dry skin. I bought 2 of these face masks but I used one of it yesterday. Because of this cold weather at the moment my face skin had to suffer so much so my skin needs so much care.
And I love this face mask. I use this everytime my face feels dry. And after I used it my face is so soft for a long time. My face also feels refreshed.
The eye make up remover pads are very nice. I always had problems to remove my waterproofed mascara but this pads helps me alot to remove it gently. They had some vegetable oils in this pads who made my skin around the area of my eyes so soft. I love using them. 

My favorite shower gel for this winter season is this one from balea. It smells like chocolate and fig (dunno if they are called fig in english ^^"?!). 
I only bought the bebe creme because of Hello Kitty HAHAHAHA. I'll put this in my handbag. 
And because my lips are also very dry and chapped I bought this lip balm. I bought this some days ago and it helps so much. Best lip balm I've ever used. The only thing I don't like is that you had to touch in it. I like it more when lip balm is like a lipstick. But ok it helps so I'll use this. Hehe.


  1. I love blistex and balea products *_* XD
    i use the same, haha. Also love your socks a lot!

  2. Yay du hast ihn auch bekommen >3
    Ich find Primark Quali eig echt gut ö.ö bei mir is noch nie was kaputt gegangen.. XD
    Die schwarzen Socken hab ich btw auch, die sind eig echt super für den Preis /D

    1. Ja gegen die Socken da hatte ich bisher auch noch nichts auszusetzen xD schön billig und gute Qualität dafür das meine immer so schnell verschwinden oder kaputt gehen super.
      Aber bei den Klamotten hatte ich bisher nicht so gute Erfahrungen >.< vielleicht hab ich aber auch immer Teile erwischt die eh schon i.wie leicht kaputt waren kA XD
      Aber mal sehen wie das jetzt mit dem Oberteil ist xD

  3. That top is so cool! Will definitely look good on you!