Got a new piercing

I dyed my hair again yesterday. Back to brown. 
And I added some turquoise you will see later. 

Later I met my mother at Essen city. She gave me some cooking utensils she don't need anymore. Now I can make my beloved broccoli cream soup at home. So happy. I'll cook this soup next week and do a how to cook. Hehe than you can also cook this delicious soup.

My mom also had a surprise for me.

A new bag. I really like this bag.

With my mom and boyfriend we went to "Limbecker" our shopping centre here at Essen. My mom want to buy some things at Ives Rocher. Her favorite brand. I also like this brand. 
And we also went to Kiko. They sell lipsticks for only 1,90€. Each of us bought 2 lipsticks. Haha but not my boyfriend he waits in the front of the kiko shop.

A natural one and a really red one.
The red one has also some glitter particle really shiny.
Left one: #96 (can't find the name for it >.<)
right one: #88 Burnd Red

And I got a Creamy Touch eyeshadow duo #06.

Yellow & Turquoise.
I only want this because of the turquoise side but this yellow is also very nice. 
I will try a new eye makeup with the turquoise side for the party next saturday. This color is exact the same color like the turquoise in my hair. 

After a hour my mom went home and we met Shiyuu. 
Fist we bought some clothes in this little shop at the main station. 

I only bought this top from Only.
Really nice you can see a party of my tattoo when I waear it. The back and the sleeves are sheer. Only the front is not. Haha. Sad for the guys huh. ; )

The Shiyuu wanted to buy new shoes and she also found some really cute ones but they had not here size and also in the internet shop isn't here size. I also tried this shoes on and felt in love. I'm still tinking about to buy them on friday and wear them also on the party.

Shiyuu bought some new nail polish like everytime. Haha. She is really addicted to them. Sometimes I also feel like to buy so many nailpolish when I see the lovely colors she has. 

Later on that day we went to a piercing studio. 
Shiyuu got a Tragus Piercing and I got my Eskimo Piercing (I wantet for so long).

I took this pic some minutes after I got it so my lip looks really strange and also swollen. 
Today my lip feels really good. I never had that much problems with piercings. They always heals very quickly.

OH OH, and on that pic you can se my turquoise hair color. 

After we got our piercings we went again to Deichmann. But to a other shop (whe had 2 in Essen) and shiyuu looked again for shoes. My boyfriend also looked and got a pair.

And here are my two last nail arts:

I used kiko 401 Peacock Green (2xCoats)
And on my ring finger I used p2 030 let's dance! (1xCoat)
And as top coat I used essence better than gel nails top sealer (1xCoat)

And my nail art from yesterday:

I used kiko 341 Cobalt Green (2xCoats)
And gitter topper from essence 10 glorious aquarius (1xCoat)
And as a topper again my better than gel nails top sealer from essence (1xCoat)

Take care and see you next time.

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