Grey Haired

Here is the result of my grey/silver hair. It turns out more grey but I really like it.
And I cut my hair. Really short huh!? A few entry ago I told you I wanna have long hair. But after bleaching my hair 3 times they were so dry so I tought it is better to cut them. I really like the result but when the grey color fades away I'll try this new hair color from garnier olia. I already bought the color. It's a chocolate brown (4.15). Yeah I want to be back to brown because I love brown hair but colored brown is often unevenly. I hope with this new coloration works and looks better. And I'll let my hair grow again. I really like this short hair cut and my hair feels so much healthier but I like long hair a little bit more. Now some people think "why she bleached her hair and make this shit" But I think I had done the right thing. I really like grey hair but this is not a color for a long time. It's really annoying. You need to bleach your hair so often because of this shitty dark hairline and so on. So I will go back to something easier. Where I had to dye my hair not that often. Sometimes I need something fancy and then go back to normal.

So this was my hair story. Haha.

Now I will show you my new nailpolish gets.

p2 030 let's dance! glamorous finish glitter top coat
essence 04 sunshine and red roses glitter topper

I was really disappointed when I saw the new limited edition from essence "hugs & kisses". The nailpolish are so small. There are only 5ml in a bottle and the colors are not that fancy I thought it were.
I also saw the new products from essence and they are also very boring. 

I'm still waiting for my new circle lenses to arrive. I ordered them for more like a week ago and DHL shipping status says 40% every day when I lake a look. Grr I hope they will arrive before the next "Kabuki Party" on the 2nd February.

And Shiyuu and I ordered some makeup at this MUA Makeup Academy Online Store. At the moment they sell they're porducts 50% off + free shipping. Nice huh!?
But I only ordered a blusher, a lipstick and a eyeshadow palette with 24 shades. I hope the quality is good.

That's it for today. 
See you!

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