Bla bla bla.

On thursday I went into the city to buy the shoes for saturday.
But I also bought some other things.

Catrice C05 Planet Tokyo

A skirt from H&M

The Shoes. For first I only want to buy the one on the top. But the shop where I bought them had them now for sale (on last saturday where I saw them the first time they weren't for sale only for normal price). Both were for sale now and the shop hat a special offer buy two pair of reduced shoes and get the cheaper one for the half of the price. So I only payed 35€ for both. Normally the pair on the top costs 34,95€. And the other pair costs normally 29,95€. Reduced price are 24,95€ and 19,95€. 

Front and back view.
And I bought a top at H&M.

So the party tomorrow can come. I found so many outfits for saturday that I now can't decide what to wear. Haha. 

Yesterday I tried the make up for tomorrow.

The cat liked it. Haha.

I also tried my hairdo. So here are the pictures I took yesterday. 

I dunno if I really do my hair and make up the same but I really like what comes out on yesterday.

My circle lenses are still not arrived. I'm really pissed off because of that. I think they will never come to me. Wasted my money .... I wrote to the shop yesterday but have to wait till monday for the answer. Grr.
The shipping status is still at 40% since the 16th of january. And the only status information there is that the shop gave my package to the postoffice and they gave it on the way to me. Hmpf.
I think I will never order again my circle lenses in this shop. The shipping time should be 14 days (as the page told me). But the 14 days are over and nothing happened.

Honeycolor.com is a shitty site. Or had someone the same problems with shipping from this shop?

Last time I odered my circle lenses at pinkyparadise.com. There the shipping way also should be 14 days but I got them in only the half. So this is what I call nice. 

But now this really pissed me off.

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