Yesterday I went to Düsseldorf with my boyfriend. We met my parents there and first we went to the Immermanstraße where are some stores who sells japanese products and so.

I made some purikura with my boyfriend. 
The store where you can made these pictures will close in the end of march. 
Thats really sad. Because then we can't made purikura anymore. But I hope there is a solution that we can made purikura again there. 

I also bought some japanese manga at this store.
They where all reduced. I payed 2€ for each of them. But volume one of こばと is missing. I looked in another store where they also had some japanese manga but there they had only volume 5 and 6. Sad so I need to order volume one soon. 

Later we went to a restaurand to eat something.
We went to Maredo a southamerican streak restaurant. 
I ate chicken (I mostly eat only chicken and no other meat) marinated with spices and a touch of garlic. And some french fries. It was so delicious.

After that our tummys where so full that I only want to go to bed and sleep.
But we can't haha.
So we went to gina tricot. It was near the restaurant and I want to look what they had for new.
And I found some clothes.

Last top I will wear on next "Kabuki Party" in march.

And a new nailplish also from gina tricot.

After this little shopping we went to the Rhine. Made a little stop there and then we went back to the Düsseldorf main station. And went home then. 

Maybe I will try to dye my old hair extension to brown. I'll test in on a little piece of hair if it works. And when it works I'll wear them maybe at the next party. 

I also ordered some new circle lenses. This time at uniquso.com.
I hope this time I'll get them. 

I still don't get my money back from Honeycolor. Paypal is to stupid to manage that. So I think I will never get it back. I never got my circle lenses I ordered from this shop. 
I found out that I'm not the only person who never get they're circle lenses from there. I think this shop steals systematically money from young girls.


  1. ich möchte ganz spontan bitte 50 kg abnehmen, damit ich auch so tolle klamotten tragen kann, die du dir in letzter zeit so kauft... (jetzt bin ich überfordert welchen smiley ich nehme... hahaha)
    steht dir alles wunderbar, freu mich schon darauf dich in dem outfit in live zu erleben <3
    aber weißt du, was doof ist? ich hab spontan bock auch wieder zu shoppen damit ich n richtiges bam boom bang outfit für die nächste party hab XD

  2. Awww süß dein Kompliment <3
    :D dann müssen wir wohl für dich dem nächst mal shoppen gehen xD
    ich hab jetzt ja erstmal genug xD ich geh erst wieder wenns wärmer wird shoppen :'D

  3. Oh tolle Sachen die du gekauft hast, echt schön *_* <3<3

  4. Hey! ^^ Habe auch mal bei Honeycolor gekauft, bei mir kamen sie an, aber ich habe sie erstens nur sehr schwer reinbekommen, weil sie so hauchdünn wie eine Folie waren. Und zweitens haben sie so in den Augen gebrannt, dass ich sie gleich wieder rausnehmen musste, nach 5 Sekunden. >_<
    Schöner Blog~ (^ω^)