Yesterdays Party

The party yesterday was super awesome. We had so much fun and danced alot.

My makeup and concealer doesn't cover my dark circles. But ok so you can see my skin isn't that perfect. I slept enough but I think I have some iron deficiency at the moment and because of this my dark circles are worse than usual.

My party nails. OMG I love them so much. For first I tought that color comination with glitter and so on will look stupid but then .... awwwww. It looks like a starry sky. Or something like that.

Here is what I used:
kiko frozen nail lacquer 03 (2xCoats)
essence color & go 144 black is back (1xCoat on my ring finger)
models own mixed up (1Coat on dry black nails)
p2 galmorous finish holo top coat 40 just fantastic! (1xCoat on all dry blue nails)
essence better than gel nails top sealer (1xCoat as finish top coat)

My outfit. 
top from monomania (japanese brand)
skirt from H&M
leggins from gina tricot
shoes from catwalk deichmann
hair ribbon from 6%dokidoki (japanese brand)
necklace from claire's

I don't made the hairstyle I tried a day before I made only some normal curls. The make up was the same I tried a day before. 

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  1. pretty wounderfull<3
    You get getaggt