Hey girls.
I made my very first nail tutorial and uploaded it on youtube.

I know I'm not a professional and It's a really bad video. 
Also the music. It's very hard to find free music. I don't want that youtube delete them or made a GEMA shit on my videos. This time I spent more than 6 hours only to find a shitty song for this. 

I also need to find out how to make some parts in videos faster because when I apply the pink color I need so much time haha. But the programm (Vergas Pro 12)  I used to cut the video made my video judder when I made some parts faster. Thats really annoying. Need to find out a better way. So this time I don't  made the long parts faster. That's why the tutorial is so long and boring. Haha. I'm sorry. 

But I try to become better. 

I hope you like it although it's not like the 1290868293167 other nail tutorials on youtube who are 298361936 times better than me. Haha.

I also think about to make some other videos but not sure what. 

Do you have any idea what you want to see?
Or any idea what I can do better?

See ya.


  1. was hast du da für´n Pinsel o.o

    1. das is kein pinsel xD
      das is sowas hier: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-B6JaSB3102A/TZ8K0OHWfCI/AAAAAAAAAV0/KD68Z--a9f8/s1600/Nail-Art-Dotting-Tool-TP-AG01A-.jpg

  2. oh gott, mit nem dotting tool? wie viele stunden hast du da dran gesessen? XD

    1. mit was den auch sonst?
      die Nagellack pinsel sind ja eindeutig viel zu dick für sowas xD

      allerdings so lange braucht man gar nicht dafür
      nur vor der Kamera sowas zu machen is noch ne Nummer schwieriger xD