Today I met my mum in the city.
We went shopping.
And I bought some things.

from left to right
p2 nail tini 030 brilliant cosmopolitan (3 variations to wear)
flormar matte M01
flormar matte M06
flormar matte M04

I got the rabbit plushie from my mum.
And this little bag too. 
Yves Rocher Flowerparty by Night Perfumed shower gel (omg it smells so good)

And some body care I need.
Garnier Fructis Shampoo - damage remover (I hope this shit works my hair is dead like hell)
And then I found this new shower gel:
the raspberry kiss 
And OMG this smells like heaven *Q*
Some bath salt from Balea.
Some make-up remover wipes.
And 3 hair treatments.

And I also got some new books.
And a audio book. 

Actually I want to read "Delirium" in english because I don't like the german cover. But today I saw it and bought it. HAHA. I can remove the paper cover. Then it looks soooo much better. 

And I only bought the audio book because I heard that Karen Rose writes good books but I don't want to read them now (because I have so many other books to read instead) so I will try this and if its good I think to buy a book from her. 

This Delirim Cover ... soo ugly. 

And today I wear the first pair of my new circle lenses.
These are the Super Cristal Grey ones.
I'm so in love with them.
They look so natural but special.

That's it for today.
See ya.

I hope my Kiryu Singles will arrive tomorrow T__T

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